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FREE: Time Tracker app

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NOW in Swift & Objective-C!

Track your time during the day with this iOS app Time Tracker. We developed this app mainly for beginner level iOS developers or for those who would like to learn all the ups and downs of iOS Development. By using this template you will get familier with things like Delegates, Core Data, tableViews etc. just to name a few. Add activities to your list, select one, to track its duration. Once you are done with that activity, simply hit Stop and the app will save all its information and can be viewed in the History section. You can also pause and resume an activity if you want to and it also works when the app is in the background.

What you will get:

  • Complete Xcode Objective-C & Swift source code
  • Full and detailed documentation for every class, method and property that is used
  • Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files so that you can customise the design later
  • Support if you are stuck anywhere in your new project while using our template

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Track your time easily

With this template you will be able to track your activities wherever you are. This time tracker iOS app is fully written in Objective-C using Xcode. Using Xcode you can further customise this template to your own liking, add new features, change the color/design of the app by the attached .psd file which contains the whole design of the app in a layered and user friendly organized way so it is really easy to know which and how to edit to get the perfect result.

Add, delete activities

The app stores all the activities that you enter so that you can track anything. This template is using the powerful Core Data so that no matter what your objects are always there…until you delete your app from the device.

History, sorted by time

Once you’re done with an activity, hit Stop and the app will save all the properties and values into a new History object. The application has a History screen with all your activities that you completed, sorted by daily in sections so you know what you have done on which days.

What is included in this template?

  • Xcode project written in Objective-C
  • .PSD file to edit and customise the design of your app
  • Full documentation to know what and where to change
  • Sliced .PNG files in Retina (@2x) and non retina resolutions
  • .PSD file that contains the icon of the app
  • App Store ready
  • Optimised for iPhone 3.5″ and 4″ screens
  • Supports iOS 6 and 7
  • Runs great on iPhone 3GS/4/4S, also on 5/5C/5S and some iPod touch devices too
  • Custom or customised UI elements
  • UI and UX created in Storyboard for easy modification

Where to go with this template?

Now that I have the template what can I do with it to make it custom, unique? I have no idea…

  • Add sorting option for activities
  • Add sorting option for history objects
  • Add filtering option for activities
  • Add filtering option for histories
  • Add exporting option for histories to be able to export and send it to your Boss via email
  • Add notifications
  • etc…


Additional information

Documentation included

YES, full documentation

Included .psd


Retina support




Supported devices

All iPhones

Supported OS

iOS 7+

Supported screens

All iPhone screens

Written in Objective-C


Available in Swift

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