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Store Locator iOS app template

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$ 399.00

Store Locator iOS app is completely written in Swift, supports iOS 8+, all the available screen sizes and devices. This app is backed by the powerful to manage the content of the app, but can be easily changed to use your own server instead. This iOS app template is a perfect choice if you are building an iOS app that can show various Store or Restaurant locations near your users and direct them to your Store, Restaurant or anything that you wish to show to your users. Or can be a good base to build your own Food ordering app.

What you will get:

  • Complete Xcode source code written in Swift
  • Full and detailed documentation for every class, method and property that is used
  • Detailed start guide to show you how to get started
  • Sketch file so that you can customise the design later
  • Full support if you are stuck anywhere in your new project while using our template
  • Free regular updates to all of our customers


Learn more about this Store Locator iOS app template to see if it is the right choice for your iOS app idea. We were working hard on this template to be best possible option for you, and for your business. Scroll down to see the main features, use cases to decide, if it is the perfect app to launch your new app idea or grow your business.

Displaying content

The app is using UIStoryboard to set up its view hierarchy and Auto Layout to align each element perfectly. We used custom UITableViewCells to display the contents in the app and custom UITableViews to be able to display custom loading indicators (read more about this in our blog post here) and empty states.

store locator display content uistoryboard ios template
store locator ios app template auto layout xcode

Auto Layout and UIStoryboards

Like any app in our Shop, this app is also comes with UIStoryboards and support for Auto layout, which became a MUST have in iOS development nowadays, without these two, you can have an app, but it will not look perfect, and you’ll have a hard time making it work on every iPhone sizes.

Filtering and sorting

You have the ability to filter your restaurants/stores. So users can select what they want to display in their list, or what they are looking for at the moment. Right now the app is setup to display nearby restaurants, and you can filter them by a category, if it is a Chinese, Hungarian or Italian restaurant. You can also sort them by distance or rating.

store locator display filter uistoryboard ios template 258x300
store locator ios app custom viewcontroller transition

Custom UIViewController transitions

Everyone loves fancy animations, and they are just super easy to implement…well not really. But this template is packed with custom animations. Everything is in place to make your app stand out from the crowd. If you are familiar with the terms: UIViewControllerTransitionDelegate and Animator you’ll surely find yourself in a good place, if not, than you have the chance to learn how a real app is set up and how the apps in the App Store are using these techniques to make their app look more professional.

Looking for an Objective-C version? Let us know!

The Store Locator app template will certainly ease your life, save you a lot of development money and time, since you don’t need to hire someone to develop it for you or code it yourself from zero. It is already developed and well documented. Every class and method is well documented so even if you are lost, you can read the comments and get back on the track to continue customising the project for your own likings.

Heard about white labeling? This is the way to do it, this template allows you to create 10 apps (or even a 100) easily without changing a lot of stuff and move loads of views around. Simple change colors, change the content on (or on your server if you moved it there) and you are good to release your new app.

The app is written in a way, that is easy to customise, all the colors that are used and all the font declarations are in a separate class, so you don’t have to go through all of the classes to find and edit them.

We are here to help you

In your bundle you’ll also find guides how the dataModel is structured, what screens it has and how they are connected, so you’ll instantly know, where to look and what to modify. If you still cannot find out what’s going on, just write us an email and we’ll help you out.

Who is this Store Locator iOS app suitable for?

Shop owners, gym rats, anyone who has a lot of favorite spots, restaurants that wants to show off their menus, or ones who own shops and wants to attract more people, but don’t want to spend a lot of money of advertisement or iOS app development. I was always waiting for an app that can show me all the Starbucks coffee shops around me so I can get there easier and don’t have to search on google which might not even return all the results, with this app you can achieve that as well.

Where to go with this iOS app template?

By purchasing this template, you’ll get one step closer to create your own iOS application that can attract more people to your shops.

What you can do to make this app even better or to customise it to your own needs:

  • add a Sale section to show what sales you are currently having in your shops
  • show routes to the shops from the user’s location
  • add more images of your shops
  • add payment providers like Paypal or Stripe
  • add social sharing
  • convert it to a Food Ordering app
  • etc.

All sample images are taken from


We are constantly working on our iOS app templates to make them even better, therefore from time to time we release new versions on our site.

All of our customers who purchased the template will get all the new updates for free.


  • Converted to Swift 3


  • Converted the app to use
  • Added ability to leave a review with images


  • Social login and signup
  • Sketch UI file
  • Complete new UI
  • Adding, displaying reviews of stores
  • Parse Cloud Code
  • New store detail view
  • Easy store detail view customisation


  • iOS 9 update


  • Cocoapods support
  • Proper image caching, downloading
  • Smaller bug fixes


Additional information

Supported OS

Supported devices

Supported screens

Documentation included


Retina support

Available in Swift

Design file

YES, Sketch design file is included.