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Speed tracker app

$ 99.00

The SpeedTracker iOS template comes with 3 UI design skins, so you can further customise the look of the app. This app is using the CoreLocation framework to locate your phone and by doing this, it allows us to measure things like: actual, maximum, average speed, location, compass value and a lot more. By buying this template you’ll be able to create your own app that tracks the speed of nearly anything that moves by using the logic that is in this template OR change this template to your own likings, add new features, modify the UI, etc. You want to see it live? You asked, we did it, drive test it! It’s on the App store.

 Available on the App Store

What you will get:

  • Complete Xcode Objective-C source code
  • Full and detailed documentation for every class, method and property that is used
  • Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files so that you can customise the design later
  • Support if you are stuck anywhere in your new project while using our template
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The SpeedTracker iOS app helps you track the speed of your car, bike, even your bus (if you have one…). This app is using iOS’ CoreLocation framework to measure your device location on the world. By using this framework, the built in GPS sensor communicates data to the app like: actual speed, location, altitude, compass values. And of course a lot more. From these values, you can calculate the average, maximum speed, time to get from A to B etc. By buying this template, you’ll get an app that will let you create an ever bigger one, cause the possibilities to improve this app on is limitless.

Why this template?

The project was built using Xcode 5 and it is fully written in Objective-C. In this template you’ll find a Photoshop .psd file to customise the design of the application, a full documentation so that you know which method or class to change in order to get the desired effect. Either you want to use this app as one or just want to use some logic from this, it is absolutely up to you. If you only need this template to use the “location getting” logic from it, do it. But you can always take out the unnecessary parts and create a great app around it.

Track my speed

This template not only allows you to track the speed of your vehicle, it also measures max speed and you can also set a limiter so you know that you are going way too fast. It also enables you to share your current location on Twitter or Facebook send it via email. This template also shows your location on a map, and your current heading by displaying the value of the compass.

What is included in this template?

  • Xcode project written in Objective-C
  • .PSD file to edit and customise the design of your app
  • Full documentation to know what and where to change
  • Sliced .PNG files in Retina (@2x) and non retina resolutions
  • .PSD file that contains the icon of the app
  • App Store ready
  • Optimised for iPhone 3.5″ and 4″ screens
  • Supports iOS 6 and 7
  • Runs great on iPhone 3GS/4/4S, also on 5/5C/5S and some iPod touch devices too
  • Custom or customised UI elements
  • UI and UX created in Storyboard for easy modification

Where to go with this template?

Now that I have the template what can I do with it to make it custom, unique? I have no idea…

  • Add ability to measure average speed
  • Record G forces of your car
  • Add 0-60 (0-100km/h) acceleration timer
  • Add history view to see how fast your friend, mom, dad was driving
  • etc…


Additional information

Documentation included

Included .psd

Retina support


Supported devices

Supported screens

Supported OS

Written in Objective-C

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