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Car Dealer iOS app template

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$ 399.00

Car Dealer iOS app is a template for all car dealership owners who would like to show their cars to their customers in their own unique way, present them their own deals, news in a beautiful way. This iOS app template is backed by the powerful to manage the content of the application. You can easily change all your product details without changing your app. Supports local storage, so your customers can save their favorites locally, and comes with push notifications to let them know about new cars or updates, deals.


What you will get

  • Complete Xcode source code written in Swift
  • Full and detailed documentation for every class, method and property that is used
  • Detailed start guide to show you how to get started
  • Sketch file so that you can customise the design later
  • Full support, let us know and we’ll help you out
  • Free, regular updates to all of our customers
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Learn more about this template to see if it’s the right choice for your next iOS app project. We are working hard on this template to be best possible option for you, and for your business. Scroll down to see the main features, use cases, to decide if it is the right app to launch your new idea or simply grow your existing business by reaching more customers.

Display your cars beautifully

Car Dealer iOS app is using multiple UIStoryboards to create its view hierarchy and Auto Layout to align each element perfectly.

We used custom UITableViewCells to display the contents in the app and custom UITableViews to be able to display custom loading indicators (read more about this in our blog post here) and empty states.

Car dealer iOS app template swift display layout
Car dealer ios app template storyboard auto layout swift

Auto Layout and UIStoryboards

Like any app in our Shop, this app is also comes with UIStoryboards and support for Auto layout, which became a MUST have in iOS development nowadays, without these two, you can have an app, but it will not look perfect, and you’ll have a hard time making it work on every iPhone screen sizes.

Easy customisation

You can easily customise this application in Xcode. This Car Dealer iOS app template was written in a way that every iOS developer could easily change it to their own needs. Layouts are using UITableViews that makes it super easy to add or change cells in your layout.

Car dealer iOS app template customisation
cloud-icon as backend

We chose the simplest, yet most powerful backend for this iOS app template. You cannot go wrong with as it is highly scalable, easy to implement and suits lot of scenarios. In this Car Dealer iOS app we added parse to manage all data of the application and enable push notifications.

Car Dealer iOS app template will certainly ease your life, save you a lot of development time and costs, since you don’t need to hire someone to develop it for you or code it yourself from zero. It is already developed and well documented.

Every class and method is fully documented so even if you are lost, you can read the comments and get back on the track to continue customising the project for your own likings. (Or you can contact us directly for any help, it is FREE forever)


Global settings as keys, and ids, global app colors are all placed in a single class to make it easy to customise to your own needs.


Car Dealer iOS app template is ready to be used with other languages as well, all strings are localized.

Change the design

As you might know it already, every iOS app template comes with its own UI kit, and this app is no exception. Comes with a Sketch file to be able to change your design easily.

We made this template super easy to customise to your own needs, so even if you are a beginner you’ll have less struggle setting it up than coding it all by yourself from zero.

Let us know if you need help

 If you like this app, but don’t have anyone to develop, customise it further, let us know we’ll help you solve your issues.

Keep in mind, that by purchasing a template from us, you’ll get unlimited support.

Main features

  • Written using the latest version of Swift
  • Auto Layout
  • Supports iOS 9.x
  • as backend
  • Easy customisation
  • Full documentation
  • Sketch design file
  • Facebook tracking implemented
  • Localisation ready
  • Push notification ready
  • 3D Touch support

Who is it suitable for?

This app mainly suits car dealerships, but can be altered to offer any kind of products. A perfect choice if you want to attract more people, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on iOS app development.

Where to go with this Car Dealer iOS app template?

By purchasing this template, you’ll get one step closer to create your own iOS application that can attract more people to your store.

What you can do to make this app even better or to customise it to your own needs:

  • Add categories to increase UX
  • Add filtering for products
  • etc.

Images and car details don’t reflect real data. Only used to showcase the functionality of the iOS app.

Additional information

Supported devices

Supported OS

Supported screens

Written in Objective-C

Available in Swift


Documentation included

Included .psd

Help with customisation

No, Yes (+49$)

Multiple App license

Multiple, Single

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