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Free IPhone 6 Mockup

October freebie: free iPhone 6 mockup just for you

It is autumn and October, summer is over, no more bikini season.

But we are still making free goodies for all of you out there, so you can showcase your iOS apps a lot better, than just taking a screenshot and post it somewhere.

So here is our freebie for the month, a free iPhone 6 mockup in Photoshop .psd format, that you can use for any of your iOS apps, just open the .psd file and edit the layer to insert your iPhone UI.

I’m pretty sure you saw all of those nice iPhones laying around in different places on and wondering how the hell they did that, or where did they get it from. Well, by just taking photos of their phones and converting them to a mockup, so that everyone can show their newest, awesomest iPhone UIs. And that’s why we created this mockup for you guys as well for free.

Click the download link below to download your free iPhone 6 mockup.

Check out our new, free iPhone 6 Mockup Bundle

We have created 8 Free iPhone 6 Mockups, to be able to present your iOS apps in a real life environment, no matter if you are posting it to or to your personal site, iPhone mockups are always useful to check your new design on a real phone.


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