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What makes an app successful? Reach Out to Others to Make it Discovered

What Makes An App Successful? Reach Out To Others To Make It Discovered

How to make an app successful? Whether you are in the process of building an app or you just uploaded it in the App Store, you might be looking for a plan just to achieve that. You know how to get your iPhone app noticed?  Great! You have a good app store description? Check! What else? When you’re competing in the app market against giant corporations that have millions to spend on advertising and marketing, it can often feel like the…

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5 Popular Apps That Are So Simple it’s Stupid, no. 1 made millions in a few days

5 Popular Apps That Are So Simple It’s Stupid, No. 1 Made Millions In A Few Days

The mobile app market is a strange place; on one end of the scale, large businesses like EA and King spend millions on advertising and marketing their mobile apps to keep themselves at the top, and on the other end small time developers somehow stumble upon internet fame by simply creating an app that happens to go viral, without spending a penny on advertising. It doesn’t happen often, but every now and again the app store will give birth to…

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