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How To Make An App Successful

What makes an app successful? Reach Out to Others to Make it Discovered

How to make an app successful? Whether you are in the process of building an app or you just uploaded it in the App Store, you might be looking for a plan just to achieve that. You know how to get your iPhone app noticed?  Great! You have a good app store description? Check! What else?

When you’re competing in the app market against giant corporations that have millions to spend on advertising and marketing, it can often feel like the race is over before you’ve even begun, but there are many other routes to take in the app store battle that can help you get an advantage over your competition.

In fact, some of these routes don’t require any investment whatsoever, and if you’re fortunate enough, they can prove to be more worthwhile than many other marketing and advertising strategies out there.

One powerful way to gain exposure for your app is to have different people already in the industry to reach out to. Below we’ve listed some great people and places to get in touch with.

Other Developers, Appreneurs, Business Apps Owners

Whilst many developers are busy promoting their own applications, there’s always the chance that a successful app owner may be interested in sharing your app with their fans. If your application has enough to be merited with originality, then there might be quite a lot of developers who would love to take a look at your app.

At the end of the day, many app developers share a passion for developing, and this can be a great ice breaker. In the past, developers like Marcus Persson, the man behind Minecraft, have been known to share different indie games and developers, and this has really propelled the success of some games.

Game/App Review Websites and Industry Outlets

Another place to look is different outlets online that specifically look for apps to share with their viewer base. Whether it’s an app/game review website, or simply a mobile news outlet that’s looking to cover the latest and greatest content, these websites can be places that can help get your app exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of new people.

There are so many different review websites and outlets out there that it should be almost impossible to not find someone out there who is willing to write a little something about your application.

If you plan to contact industry outlets, don’t just go for the big names, search for smaller websites too; some of them have a surprisingly large following, and they are all looking for content that can help them stand out from the crowd.

Internet “Celebrities”

The word celebrity is used lightly here, but there’s no doubt that certain individuals have managed to make a name for themselves on places like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter or other places on the internet, and whilst it can be difficult to get in touch with many of these individuals, you may have the chance one day to make conversation with somebody who may have a large amount of online followers.

If a YouTuber decides to review your game, you could potentially open yourself up to millions of new downloads, and the same can be said for popular individuals on places like Twitter or other social network websites.


There are many people in the world that you can reach out to, but to stand a chance at actually getting places or people with a large following to share your content, you will need to have an original app idea, be genuine, and try not to push too hard on the whole “sharing my app” thing. Eventually, you may strike gold with the right person at the right time.

  • Industry outlets and review sites can be good to get in touch with.
  • Try to get to know other developers.
  • Popular individuals may be interested in sharing your app.
  • Be genuine, and don’t push others too hard to share your app.