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How The App Industry Can Benefit People With Disabilities

How The App Industry Can Benefit People With Disabilities [Guest post]

When smartphones were first entering our world we probably never saw passed the ability to use certain applications while also sending messages and make phone calls. Of course the reality is that our smartphones can do practically anything. App development has grown and expanded at an enormous rate and with it, the functionality of our devices.

What we are starting to realize now is how much the app industry can impact and benefit our lives. But not just our lives, more specifically how it can benefit people struggling with disabilities. App development has enabled people that are suffering with all sorts of problems to get assistance and improve their daily lives.

A prime example of this is an app called “Be My Eyes”. It allows blind people or people suffering with loss of sight to request assistance from someone. You could be registered on the app as a helper and as such if someone requires help, you’d see what their camera sees. It could be a simple as helping choose whether a particular can of food is A or B, or it could be something like checking expiry dates on products.

There is an increasing amount of apps on the respective play stores that are designed solely for the purpose of improving the quality of life for people struggling with disabilities. That being said, there is still a huge void waiting to be filled.

A lot of developers turn to app development for the money it can earn but when there is a niche market like this to explore, money should take a back seat. If you have a business oriented mindset (or even if you don’t) then you could look into how to develop an app which could start helping people.

Developing an app can be a long, drawn out process, but there are teams who can help ease you into the industry. It helps to have some kind of idea in place before consulting or proceeding with any kind of app development though. Consulting someone and saying you want to develop an app to help someone will be quite difficult to achieve without some foundation work.

With so much potential at the tips of our fingertips, there is no doubt at all that we can continue to utilize app development to enhance the lives of people struggling with disabilities, whatever that might be.Technology is only advancing too, integrating app development will only provide greater benefits as we utilize the advancements becoming available to us.

If we take this one step further then we can implement other features into these kind of applications too. Placing an emphasis on health for example could encourage people to improve their lifestyle and in turn their fitness. People with disabilities turning to sports is not a new thing either, as there is a whole paralympics dedicated to them.

By using app development to help people with disabilities get more out of life, we can really see an increase in longevity, happiness and motivation.