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iOS App Dev (or want to be one)? Spend More Time with Your Sweetheart

If you have ever thought about building your own app, or you regularly make apps on the iOS platform, you may want to hear about a great new dynamic feature that helps app developers in building that killer app and making the process so much easier. Basically, it is an iOS App Template that allows budding app makers and established app developers using iOS platform to save a lot of time and money because these templates are full and completed apps that make an outstanding starting point so you can then move forward and develop it much quicker.

You will have an XCode sample project, PSD files, PNGs and a thorough and complete documentation, so you can get started right away, save time and even watch less tutorials in case you are in the process of learning on how to create an iOS app or just the design of it. But why is it a time saver? Well, because you won’t have to bother ordering the design for the app and then have to put the code on it. The iOS App Template has it all for you and delivered to your inbox.

The tool is excellent for those who are just starting out with app development because you can actually see within the template how it all works (whether you are learning to develop an app or just the design part). So developing an app now means you don’t have to be a technical boffin to go ahead and produce that mobile site, guide or application you have always dreamed about doing. You can also see how the design is linked in with the code.

Extra Time on Your Hands

Imagine having all that extra time on your hands so that you and your sweetheart go out on that afternoon jog or take a drive down onto the beach, instead of sitting at your computer and tirelessly working away on your laptop, PC or tablet designing and building an app. ZApp Design Templates help you to do just that! You will be given back several hours of time you would have normally spent on designing, coding and template building, which are all essential parts to developing your app. Have you watched youtube tutorials for 4 hours just to change that button on the app? Ok, you know what I mean then…

Just think, now you can hop on a plane and even if that journey takes just a couple of hours, you can sit down, buckle up and build your app while in the air. By the time you land your app will be fully completed allowing you time to visit the city you have just arrived in, rather than get stuck inside some hotel and build your app from scratch.

You can even end up spending more time with your friends and family and still get done the things you always wanted and needed to do. We all know that time is money and the more spare time you have, the more chances you have of creating value in your apps and enjoying during the whole process (and earn more money, that is a sweet consequence). Imagine being able to build an app in just an hour or two rather than the several hours or even days it would normally take you. Well, anybody that makes use of the iOS App Design Template will find itself with all this extra time on its hands which can be used to make even more money or spending valuable time with your family and children.

Remember when your friends last ask if you would like to join them for lunch? Remember when you had to say no because you were too busy developing that app that was just taking so much time? Does your girlfriend gets mad because you are always on that computer? Well, with the new iOS App Design Template helping you out, you can easily accept that lunch offer from your friends instead of having to turn them down all the time.

ZApp Design Templates do so much of the donkey work for you, and because it’s so easy to use (thanks to all documentation it is shipped with), even beginners and novice app developers will find the extra time they suddenly have on their hands so much more rewarding.

Nothing beats being able to develop an app in such quick time that you can spend more of your developing efforts on the app itself. All too often we see in the iTunes Store a number of useless apps that have been cheaply and shoddily thrown together. Gaming apps that make no use of great graphics and are just simply cheap, throwaway games that even young kids get bored with quickly; these apps are all over the place and seem to build up throughout the iTunes Store.

Has it ever occurred to you, that some of these apps are probably not so well refined and designed because the developer spent too much time working on the design and the coding, that when they eventually got around to building the guts of the app, their efforts were probably spent and they may well have rushed it through without inspiration and innovative ideas. If you had all this done for you with the iOS App Template of quality, you’ll be able to spend more effort and time on your app features.

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