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What do you offer?

We offer iOS app templates with complete Xcode project (either written in Objective-C, or Swift), documentation and Photoshop or Sketch design files. So you’ll get the full package that is needed to start building your own iOS app.

What do I get after I purchase one template?

After you make a purchase on our site, you’ll receive an email with the download link(s). In the downloaded package you’ll find the Xcode project with the full source code, documentation, and a Photoshop or Sketch design file.

Can I purchase a template, and then upload to the App Store?

This is the basic idea. You purchase a template, customise it to your own likings, add new features, new app icon, etc and shoot it to the App Store. Saving a lot of time and money.

Can I ask for support if I'm stuck with a template?

Of course, all of our customers get full support with the templates.

Do I get free updates if I purchased a template?

Yes, all future updates on these templates are free of charge.

Do these templates support iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

Yes, they are fully compatible with the all the iPhone models out there.

Do these templates support iOS 9?

Yes, all these templates are tested on iOS 9 as well.

Swift was updated to 2.0, what about the templates? Are they compatible?

Yes, fully. We have updated all of our templates to always work with the latest Xcode and programming language.

Do you offer customisation option after I purchased a template?

In case you need customisation for your app, or you would like to have an iOS app developed, get in touch with us, using our contact form.

Will these templates updated with new features?

We are always trying to be better than our “yesterday self”, which includes trying out new features that work, or new designs and adding them to the templates. If you purchased one already, you’ll get the updated version for free.