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Skills Needed to Create a Top App Like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans

Skills Needed To Create A Top App Like Candy Crush Or Clash Of Clans

After seeing games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans rake in millions for what seems like a relatively straight forward idea, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that you could do better and rake in just as much as they do. Whilst the concept behind these types of games is rather simple, bringing your own similar experience to life may be a little more complicated than you may have first thought. This article will help to…

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New app of the week: Innnspired iOS app

New App Of The Week: Innnspired IOS App

A new iOS app has been released last week that suppose to help you getting inspired by presenting all the shots of to you through in a mobile app. The iOS app At first glance the app looks beautiful. However the setup is pretty simple, you have a tab bar with 3 tabs, a navigation bar and an area to display the shots with a grid view. Download it from here. The concept The idea behind this app is pretty…

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New Car Dealerships iOS App Template and Source Code

New Car Dealerships IOS App Template And Source Code

We recently updated our Car Dealer iOS app template that lets you display your own cars you wish to sell. This template is perfect for all those business owners who run their own dealership and wish to reach more people by going mobile, without relying on a third party service/website. And who wouldn't want to have their own app nowadays?!

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Change the flow layout of a collectionView – from grid to list view

Change The Flow Layout Of A CollectionView – From Grid To List View

Create your own flow layout I've always wanted to do this solution that I'm about to show you guys now, and the time is finally here. I'm pretty sure you've seen this before in other apps. We are going to do create 2 separate UICollectionViewFlowLayouts and transition from one to another. A typical example of this is when you have a grid layout and you wish to display your items in a list view (similar to a normal UITableView but…

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Common App Development Security Mistakes to Avoid

Common App Development Security Mistakes To Avoid

Security remains a top priority when it comes to mobile devices and applications. Based on the commissioned study by WeBroot, mobile tech security is vital to companies implementing the bring your own device (BYOD) schemes at work. But, even regular consumers should be wary of their safety every time they access apps, especially when they make transactions. Most premium handsets featured by O2 are now built with the latest biometric sensors and fingerprint scanners. The next generation biometric sensor, the…

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Pass data using UIStoryboard segue between UIViewControllers

Pass Data Using UIStoryboard Segue Between UIViewControllers

I've been asked a lot of times, how to achieve the most common scenario in iOS, that is to pass data with UIStoryboard segue between 2 UIViewControllers. Most common because it happens almost everytime you interact with an app. Think about Instagram for example, when you tap on a post(image, video) you perform a push segue, pushing a new UIViewController on top of the current one, and that controller displays the object you selected.

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Create your own custom overlay view in swift

Create Your Own Custom Overlay View In Swift

There are lot of cases when you need an overlay view to display various feedback messages and errors. These overlays are displayed whenever you perform an action, for example: you add an item to the cart, or you save a product as a favorite. It is just a small feedback to your users that will show them that their action was performed successfully and now they can move on with their tasks.

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