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Custom presentations using UIPresentationController in Swift

Custom Presentations Using UIPresentationController In Swift

With iOS 8 a lot of awesome stuff came to our hands, like this awesomeness that I'm going to show you today, the UIPresentationController. Sadly it's only available from iOS 8 on, but in couple of months every iPhone user will switch to the latest operating system, so every developer can bump up their apps' minimum OS version.   What is UIPresentationController? As Apple states: "A UIPresentationController object provides advanced view and transition management for presented view controllers."  So it is an awesome object…

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How to add location tracking into your iOS app

How To Add Location Tracking Into Your IOS App
The SpeedTracker iOS template comes with 3 UI design skins, so you can further customise the look of the app. This app is using the CoreLocation framework to locate your phone and by doing this, it allows us to measure things like: actual, maximum, average speed, location, compass value and a lot more. By buying this template you'll be able to create your own app that tracks the speed of nearly anything that moves by using the logic that is in this template OR change this template to your own likings, add new features, modify the UI, etc. You want to see it live? You asked, we did it, drive test it! It's on the App store.  Available on the App Store

What you will get:

  • Complete Xcode Objective-C source code
  • Full and detailed documentation for every class, method and property that is used
  • Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files so that you can customise the design later
  • Support if you are stuck anywhere in your new project while using our template
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New iOS app template – Speedometer iOS app using Swift

New IOS App Template – Speedometer IOS App Using Swift

Great news! Summer is over. No, I didn't mean that this is the great news, but it is true unfortunately. The real good news is that our next iOS app template is launched on our site and it is available for public. Check it out here. This is our first template which was completely written with the new programming language Swift. I have to say, I was skeptic about this language but the more and more I code using this new…

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CompareDsgn – Free iOS app to compare your iOS app designs

CompareDsgn – Free IOS App To Compare Your IOS App Designs

Ever wondered how you can easily compare two different designs for your next iOS app? Well, I was wondering too, than I realised that I'm an iOS developer, and since I'm using my iPhone to check my app designs using Skala preview, I could just create my own iOS app to compare these designs on my phone, in real time. Compare your iOS app designs So I created my next app which can be downloaded free from the App Store,…

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UIViewController transition from UICollectionViewCell

UIViewController Transition From UICollectionViewCell

Since iOS 7 came out I always wanted to have the ability to display my detail views from UITableViewCells or UICollectionViewCells but I didn't know how to exactly and there weren't any great tutorials online that would help me find out how to actually present a UIViewController from a selected UICollectionViewCell with custom UIViewController transitions. Let's see what we are making in this tutorial

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UIAlertController: or How to present an UIAlertView in iOS 8 using Swift

UIAlertController: Or How To Present An UIAlertView In IOS 8 Using Swift

Apple changed the way of presenting an UIAlertView and UIActionsheets, now there is a simple class that handles both: UIAlertController. You just specify which style you want to use: Alert or ActionSheet and done. In short: UIAlertController object replaces on iOS 8 the UIActionSheet and UIAlertView classes for displaying alerts Let's see how it is done Simply initialize a new UIAlertController with a title, message and the style you want to use.

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Custom UIViewController transition in iOS with Swift

Custom UIViewController Transition In IOS With Swift

Since the WWDC 14 I was shocked by Apple's new programming language: Swift, and I couldn't see the beauty of this language, me who got used the syntax of Objective-C. And than I started playing with it, experiencing things and realised they were right. I still think that "old version" is more readable, but I guess I just have to get used to it.

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Create code snippet for your iOS app in Xcode

Create Code Snippet For Your IOS App In Xcode

A code snippet is really really useful when you write thousand lines of source code daily and often write the same code over and over again. Wouldn't it be cool if we had those code snippets for our iOS apps where you just type something and the whole 10-20 lines of code is inserted right into where you want it? I tell you, it wouldn't be cool, it would be awesome or actually it is. I often have to write codes to…

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