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Create Custom UICollectionviewCell transition

Create Custom UICollectionviewCell Transition is full of great UI animations, since Apple introduced iOS 7 and its flat design style, every designer went crazy. Especially when they saw the Custom UIViewController transitions in iOS apps, and what can be achieved instead of a normal push, pop and modal transitions. Me, personally, I love these custom transitions, might take some time to set it up, and adjust it to your or to your designers' liking, but once you accomplished it, it looks way better…

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Create 3 column grid view with UICollectionView

Create 3 Column Grid View With UICollectionView

Today I'm going to show you how to achieve the basic layout Instagram is using for years in their app, being the 3 column grid view achieved by using a UICollectionView. To tell you the truth, I was always "afraid" of UICollectionViews, whenever I had to do something with it, I always chose another way, cause it was so difficult to use and too many variables. Well it isn't that hard to learn, just need to understand the fundamentals, and…

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October freebie: free iPhone 6 mockup just for you

October Freebie: Free IPhone 6 Mockup Just For You

It is autumn and October, summer is over, no more bikini season. But we are still making free goodies for all of you out there, so you can showcase your iOS apps a lot better, than just taking a screenshot and post it somewhere. So here is our freebie for the month, a free iPhone 6 mockup in Photoshop .psd format, that you can use for any of your iOS apps, just open the .psd file and edit the layer…

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How to evenly space UIViews with Auto Layout (in Obj-C & Swift)

How To Evenly Space UIViews With Auto Layout (in Obj-C & Swift)

Common scenario that you have a lot of UIView that you would like to evenly space out. Don't have to know crazy math for it, just use Auto Layout. Auto Layout is awesome, I hated it when I first tried it couple of years ago, since I had no idea how it works, what I need to setup, why it gives me all those errors and why my UI sucked. After several trials, I finally ended up mastering it, and…

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Custom UITableView with empty view

Custom UITableView With Empty View

In this tutorial I'm going to show you guys how to enhance your UITableViews and add a custom empty view.┬áThere are lot of times when you simply don't have any data yet to display, or user lost internet connection and your request wasn't completed, so your tableView remains empty without saying anything. Better developers in these cases show some custom views that you see in almost every app nowadays.┬áHead over to to get some inspirations, - Custom UITableView…

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New version of StoreLocator iOS app template is live

New Version Of StoreLocator IOS App Template Is Live

We've been working hard in the last couple of days to create a new version of the StoreLocator iOS app template for you guys. We polished the design a bit, added new UIViewControllers, added more content, reworked the whole concept. Head over to the detail site of the iOS app to find out more about what we have done. Link here. All of our customers who already purchased this template, will get it for free of course. For all the…

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Create a custom UITableView with loading indicator

Create A Custom UITableView With Loading Indicator

In this tutorial I'm going to show you guys how to enhance your UITableViews and add a custom loading indicator to it. I'm not talking about the refresh controller, but the usual indicator that is in the middle of the UITableView and shown whenever your tableView is empty and you are loading some content in the background. I'll guide you through the steps to create it, what you would need and how to adopt it into your own project. It…

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How to make a Today Extension in Swift for a Weather app

How To Make A Today Extension In Swift For A Weather App

Today extension is awesome. Or can be. It let's you create a quick view to your app, or interact with it easily, without opening it and navigating to a screen. If you are not familiar with this technique/feature, I highly recommend learning it, not only because it will allow you to create something new for your app, but the knowledge you'll learn during the process also comes in handy when developing your Watch app. And as always, read the Apple…

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