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Operations vs Completion block madness

Operations Vs Completion Block Madness

If you are not using Operations, you my friend are missing out big time. Operations are simply put wait for it… AWESOME. I’ve been writing bugs into iOS apps since 7+ years and looking back I’ve made a lot of mistakes, lot of bad projects, and lot of “GodViewControllers” /if you know what I mean/. I’ve recently started using Operations all over my projects. To give you some example: when using networking calls when parsing objects when displaying UI elements…

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How The App Industry Can Benefit People With Disabilities [Guest post]

How The App Industry Can Benefit People With Disabilities [Guest Post]

When smartphones were first entering our world we probably never saw passed the ability to use certain applications while also sending messages and make phone calls. Of course the reality is that our smartphones can do practically anything. App development has grown and expanded at an enormous rate and with it, the functionality of our devices. What we are starting to realize now is how much the app industry can impact and benefit our lives. But not just our lives,…

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New app of the week: Innnspired iOS app

New App Of The Week: Innnspired IOS App

A new iOS app has been released last week that suppose to help you getting inspired by presenting all the shots of to you through in a mobile app. The iOS app At first glance the app looks beautiful. However the setup is pretty simple, you have a tab bar with 3 tabs, a navigation bar and an area to display the shots with a grid view. Download it from here. The concept The idea behind this app is pretty…

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Pass data using UIStoryboard segue between UIViewControllers

Pass Data Using UIStoryboard Segue Between UIViewControllers

I've been asked a lot of times, how to achieve the most common scenario in iOS, that is to pass data with UIStoryboard segue between 2 UIViewControllers. Most common because it happens almost everytime you interact with an app. Think about Instagram for example, when you tap on a post(image, video) you perform a push segue, pushing a new UIViewController on top of the current one, and that controller displays the object you selected.

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Create your own custom overlay view in swift

Create Your Own Custom Overlay View In Swift

There are lot of cases when you need an overlay view to display various feedback messages and errors. These overlays are displayed whenever you perform an action, for example: you add an item to the cart, or you save a product as a favorite. It is just a small feedback to your users that will show them that their action was performed successfully and now they can move on with their tasks.

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Handle onboarding experience in iOS using Swift

Handle Onboarding Experience In IOS Using Swift

There are lot of times when you just simply want to display a different UIViewController to your users when they first open your iOS app. You can do complicated onboarding views, that you need to scroll through (I hate these personally) to get to the app or a signup screen that forces you to sign up in order to use the app, or a view that suggests the app requires location data, so please enable your GPS. I would chose the…

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Custom gradient navigation bar in iOS using Swift

Custom Gradient Navigation Bar In IOS Using Swift

In this tutorial I'm going to show you the new fancy way of displaying your navigation bar to spice your app's design a bit. I don't quite like the original UINavigationBar although it is surely well written and can be customised really well.   But what if you want to go beyond that? You wish to display 2 separate UILabels in the center, have a transparent background and use different icons etc. This is exactly when you would go on…

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