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5 Popular Apps That Are So Simple it’s Stupid, no. 1 made millions in a few days

5 Popular Apps That Are So Simple It’s Stupid, No. 1 Made Millions In A Few Days

The mobile app market is a strange place; on one end of the scale, large businesses like EA and King spend millions on advertising and marketing their mobile apps to keep themselves at the top, and on the other end small time developers somehow stumble upon internet fame by simply creating an app that happens to go viral, without spending a penny on advertising. It doesn’t happen often, but every now and again the app store will give birth to…

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The Best Methods To Get Your iOS iPhone App Noticed

The Best Methods To Get Your IOS IPhone App Noticed

Smartphones are meant to be smart, but they can’t do this all on their own. This is where utility apps come into plan - these applications are apps that serve specific purposes and goals. From a timer app and an LED flashlight to an app that turns your iPhone into a mouse for your PC, utility apps can make your smartphone just that little bit smarter. If you have your own utility app, and you want to get it noticed…

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Prepare Yourself For Events Like WWDC 2014: How to Get Noticed & Build Brand Awareness

Prepare Yourself For Events Like WWDC 2014: How To Get Noticed & Build Brand Awareness

We are so excited to attend the WWDC14 and can't wait to join WWDC parties too! You bet! If you want an event such WWDC and its parties to be an occasion to get noticed and meet people sharing your interests with a goal to have fun but also source leads to increase your income, then this post is for you. Our main goals for the event are:   But let's focus on how to get noticed and build brand…

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How to Delete the last character in a NSString in iOS

Trying to remove the last character of an NSString? Got in trouble and pulling you hair? Newbie in Objective-C and no idea how to make this work? Ok, enough with the questions, here's the snippet to achieve that: [crayon-5c6d32e541222733997730/]   Or if you need it in Swift: [crayon-5c6d32e54122c087685546/]

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How to Write an App Store Description in 2014: An Actionable Guide To Wow Potential App Downloaders

How To Write An App Store Description In 2014: An Actionable Guide To Wow Potential App Downloaders

Whilst keyword optimization plays a big part in the success of your smartphone app, it can only get potential downloaders onto your app store page. From there on out you’re on your own - you’ll need to carefully craft your app store page to make it look enticing. You want to convince potential downloaders that they need your app, and all of this can be done on that one single app store page. We’re going to be looking at a…

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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Keywords for Your Next App

4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Keywords For Your Next App

It’s no secret that organic search is one of the top contributors to your app’s download history, and because of this, it’s incredibly important to take your keywords seriously, especially if you plan to gain more downloads or revenue from your app, or both. There are certain things to take into consideration to make sure that you’re finding the perfect keywords for your next app. Below, I’ve listed 4 tips to help you brainstorm and fine tune those keywords. How…

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The 4 Most Tried and Trusted Methods to Effectively Monetize your App

The 4 Most Tried And Trusted Methods To Effectively Monetize Your App

Which are the best methods to monetize apps, what is the difference in those revenue app models and why should you care? The app store is a very competitive place, and it’s filled with hobbyist developers, small businesses who want to reach out to the mobile world, and app store professionals that want to squeeze as much cash as they possibly can out of the mobile app industry. It’s incredibly difficult to ever get to the standard that the top…

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You Create Apps? See Benefits Of App Templates For App Developers

You Create Apps? See Benefits Of App Templates For App Developers

An app developer or app dev can do a much better job if one has access to a plethora of app templates. Typically, the job of an app dev is to build everything right from the iota of an idea. Most companies would only offer a small brief or perhaps just some coalesce of an idea. It is this idea or minute brief that has to be conceptualized and elaborated to develop the foundation of the app design. After the…

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How to Become an iOS App Developer, Don’t Read if You’re Lazy

How To Become An IOS App Developer, Don’t Read If You’re Lazy

People nowadays have become dependent on their smart phones. Besides texting, calling or email, most people enjoy the benefits of different apps on their phones. These apps provide convenience and are proven to be reliable for everyone. It’s surprising how people invent apps and make life easier for everyone. Whether you have an ios or android smart phone, apps are brings to life ease of access to entertainment and information. Developers and ad companies also gain profit with apps depending…

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iOS App Dev (or want to be one)? Spend More Time with Your Sweetheart

IOS App Dev (or Want To Be One)? Spend More Time With Your Sweetheart

If you have ever thought about building your own app, or you regularly make apps on the iOS platform, you may want to hear about a great new dynamic feature that helps app developers in building that killer app and making the process so much easier. Basically, it is an iOS App Template that allows budding app makers and established app developers using iOS platform to save a lot of time and money because these templates are full and completed…

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