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Innnspired Ios App

New app of the week: Innnspired iOS app

A new iOS app has been released last week that suppose to help you getting inspired by presenting all the shots of to you through in a mobile app.

The iOS app

At first glance the app looks beautiful. However the setup is pretty simple, you have a tab bar with 3 tabs, a navigation bar and an area to display the shots with a grid view. Download it from here.

innnspired ios app

The concept

The idea behind this app is pretty simple. Lets you browse Dribbble’s most recent shots on your phone, which than you can save as Favorites, so they always available even if you are offline due to caching and storing those data locally. So far it is just a simple Dribbble client, like many other available on the market.

However, there is one difference between this one and the others, it lets you search through all those shots and save that search term for later, so you don’t need to enter your search phrase anytime you wish to see all the latest shots for “iOS” for example.


As you all know searching is one of the best features an iOS app can have, it gives you the option to quickly find what you are looking for and reference to it later.

This app uses search very efficiently, it lets you save your searches so later you can just select one you wish to find the shots for and let the app display all the shots that contains that phrase. Let’s say you are an iOS dev who is looking for inspiration all the time from Dribbble authors for your next project, with this app you can easily do that. Save a phrase for “iOS” and select it anytime you wish to get inspired (hence the name of the app).


innnspired searching ios app


Download it from here

Click here to download this app from the App Store.

  • David Herry

    good information and i love ios11